- Reason For Making This Addon :

- Owners do like to find cheaters in their sites , some cheaters use proxies or VPN or more advanced form of IP change methods and some have multiple accounts then try to cashout and log with different IPs from the other accounts to prevent being discovered

- Since aurora scripts don't have records for login IPs i decided to make this addon .

- How Does It Work :

* Each time member logs in to your site his login IP and country will be recorded

* Owners will have a login records lister in admin panel showing logs.

*You will get login date , username , country and ip from which the user logged in and you can do a search on any of these options

* You will get option to clear records older certain certain date you define , this will help in preventing stored data from taking to much database


- About This Addon :

1- Comes installed only , No install files will be given .
2- Future updates price will be listed with any future released update .

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Login Records

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