Idea Behind This Addon :

> Most owners try to put higher value addons for upgraded members to reward them for the upgrade , But the problem is all upgraded members ads gets seen buy all upgraded members so a member with 2$ upgrade or a verification upgrade ( Like for china members for example ) will see all ads that shows to members with much higher value upgrades , So with this addon you will be able to target certain memberships with ads , Giving the members with this upgrade higher daily earnings without affecting your site stability by preventing other upgraded members from getting such ads

How Does It Work :

1- In create links page you will see 2 new fields :
 * 1st field is which membership you would like the ad to be shown too , This is good to target certain membership with certain advertisement 

* 2nd field is Excluded membership , This will allow you to place ad for all upgraded members If the upgrade only option is selected or to all members if the upgraded only option isn't selected , And to exclude one membership from seeing this ad

2- When you create ads with exclude or included memberships , It will show in your manage ads section

3- In edit ads you will be able to edit or change the membership included or excluded with each ad :

Notifications :

- On ads page ads will show to all guests without problem , But when member logs in he will not be able to see ads not targeted to his membership or ads which exclude his membership
- Ad will show only to the membership it's targeted too , Due to the way of how aurora script detects memberships .
- If you want to target ad to multiple memberships you can either create it multiple times with targeting different membership each time , Or exclude certain membership if this is what you want
- Ads with no targeted membership or exclude membership and option upgraded only is selected will show to all members
- Ads with included or excluded membership will show or not show to the targeted or excluded membership respectively regardless whether the upgraded only option is selected or no

About the addon :

1- Coded with SDR 3 script , But it will work on all aurora based scripts without any problem ( As long as your script files are not encrypted )

2- Comes installed only , Not install files or guides will be given 

3- The addon is set to be on PTC ads only , But if you want to include it to all other ads it can be done during install with extra fee 

4- Addon Price is 11$ , If installation will be done on a non cpanel host you will pay 3$ extra plus the original addon price .

5- Reinstall due to host change , Script upgrade any problem will be 5.5$

6- Future updates will cost 3$ when released for current purchasers regardless what version you use , But the main price will change as it's not fixed so it depends on the current version

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