1 - In addon Settings you will be able to set the following:

* Contest is enabled or disabled
* Contest duration [ Daily, Weekly, Monthly ]
* Number of winners [ Between 1 to 5 winners ]
* List of participants
* Minimum hits members must get to participate in the contest
* Prizes, Either cash, credits,  etc. for each winner

2 - Contest Logs: This will record list of all previous contest winners, It will show the following:

* Winner username
* Winner position
* Winner prize
* Winner valid hits which made him win in the contest

3 - Option for manual stats reset: This will set all members contest ptp hits to 0, So you can start a fresh contest

4 - In case there's a member who cheats in contest or send fake hits, has been given the option to exclude individual members from the contest, so no matter how many hits the member sends, they wont be counted in the contest. Plus option to edit the hits of the user in case some hits were fake or not counted.

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PTP Contest

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